Our staff spans the globe, covers the age spectrum and defies simple categorisation. What they all have in common is the one big aim: A green and peaceful future for all.

Current Openings

At Greenpeace, we believe in speaking the truth. We believe in non-violent direct action to bring about change.  We believe in providing equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetics. We believe that if you have an idea/opinion then you should be given the space to make it heard and speak your mind.

We believe in challenging the status quo. We don’t just educate people and raise awareness. That’s not enough for a change; we motivate people to act and to change their behaviour.

No matter what our roles within Greenpeace, we have the power to be part of this change. We need people who share this belief.

Our Hiring Process

What we look for: While assessing a candidate, we look for job-specific skills, comparable experience, ability to work well with others, initiative, analytical & problem-solving skills, ability to organise, plan and execute, and most importantly, potential.

It goes without saying that one must be passionate about working for the environment. One must also believe in our mission, working principles, our position on environmental issues and our style of campaigning.

Our guiding principles:

  1. We believe that a diverse and inclusive Greenpeace is essential to delivering effective campaigns, sparking a billion acts of courage, and achieving our mission of creating a sustainable and peaceful planet.
  2. Diversity and inclusion reflects our core organisational values and our moral values as human beings.
  3. We are committed to attracting, developing and retaining a diverse and talented community of volunteers, crew and staff.
  4. We create a safe and inclusive culture where all people treat each other with respect and dignity.
  5. We value and rely on collaboration based on the diversity of our ideas, perspectives, and experiences to make wise decisions and create effective outcomes.
  6. Everyone is supported to learn, lead and grow, while barriers or potential tensions are identified and actions are taken to address them.
  7. We all share accountability and responsibility for diversity and inclusion

Application procedure: Before you apply, please take the time to understand Greenpeace and its work, and the role you are applying for. For all positions, Please send in your CV with a cover letter when applying for any position. In some cases, you may also be asked to write a short note on a job-specific problem/question.