We need safe, nutritious and diverse food for better health and immunity. Farmers believe, in the existing food system growing safe and diverse food is very difficult, if not impossible. They are slowly and steadily adopting ecological farming methods. In 2015, the number of organic farmers in India was around 6.5 lakh, which swelled to 11.5 lakh by 2018. If they get support from our governments and us, this transition will be more effective and smooth.

Thousands of farmers and consumers across India are demanding a systemic change that can drive our food system towards a sustainable and resilient future. You can join the movement by signing the Green Recommendations petition and adding your photo to the list. These photos will be used to create a ‘Wall of Activists’ that will strengthen the petition when it’s presented to NITI Aayog. Together we can demand a green recovery strategy for India that keeps the health and welfare of every citizen in mind.

Please join our farmers by uploading a mugshot photo of you with the slogan “Citizens for a safe future #TowardsBetter” along with the name of your city as shown above.