It’s time to reconnect to nature and restore it. Join us.

Earth – our home – is facing an unprecedented climate and biodiversity crisis. Each year, we witness the loss of precious forests, wet- and grasslands, savannahs, lakes, and rivers, due to deliberate destruction and human-induced climate crisis. Countless species are disappearing because we’ve let corporations destroy nature’s treasures for maximum profit. And world leaders and big banks are helping pay for it.

At the core of this crisis is a simple truth: we are nature. Nature isn’t a victim to protect. It’s a resource to heal. It’s not a place we visit. It’s all around us and includes us. We are part of an ongoing cycle of life and must put it back in balance. 

We must not lose hope. There is so much we can still do to halt biodiversity loss, the impacts of the climate crisis and reverse the collapse of nature. But we cannot do it isolated from one another. We must unplug from our screens and plug into each other and the world around us. 

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We can’t let world leaders make empty promises that lead to a road to nowhere. What we need is a real commitment… from you and from them.

We’re calling on you to join the thousands of people just like you who want to halt the destruction of animal and plant habitats and work for its restoration – our forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, and wetlands. And this decade, we have a chance to do just that.

In 2022, 188 nations signed the new Global Biodiversity Framework in Montreal. It’s a big deal because these nations pledged to shift money away from industrial agriculture and livestock farming, fossil fuels and mining which all destroy nature. They pledged to conserve and restore ecosystems, treasuring and using the knowledge of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities.

A commitment to put nature, its protection and restoration first. A commitment from world leaders to right a great wrong and put nature and biodiversity restoration at the top of our national agenda by passing laws that reign in the destroyers and mobilise the masses to heal the planet.

I commit to: