The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the inequalities of the world in which we live. It has shown us that our systems of normal were broken. 

Consumption was out of control. The food industry chose profit over people. Social opportunities favoured the few over the many, and our energy systems served only the wealthy while giving the rest of us increasingly polluted air and an accelerating climate crisis. 

But the pandemic has also revealed what things can, and must, change. It has given us hope, hope that a better world is possible. That we can have blue skies, clean air, healthy food, equitable societies, and happier lives. That we can live with less flying and less driving, and mobilise in new ways to uplift our communities in times of need. Together, we can reach and step into that new world; build back better with it, and love it even more.

Here, from all over the world, are stories of how.

This is a collection of stories from around the world, some of which are not written in English.
If you want to read any story in another language, please let us know.