Sao Paulo, Brazil – On the election of Jair Bolsonaro as President of Brazil, Greenpeace releases the following statement:

“The people of the world need President Bolsonaro to take a stand towards a safe and fair future.

“This month’s UN report on the devastating impacts of climate change positions Brazil as not only a major player in offering solutions, but on the front line of climate chaos if urgent action is not taken.

“This isn’t a choice between poverty or a wealthy future based on destroying the environment. It’s a choice between sustainable development and devastation. Bolsonaro could be one of the last Brazilian Presidents in a position to make that choice,” said Bunny Mcdiarmid, Greenpeace International Executive Director.

“Brazil has the potential to be a leader on curbing climate change, but Jair Bolsonaro needs to commit to a Zero Deforestation policy instead of weakening environmental protections to make way for more industrial cattle grazing and farming.

“International markets don’t want products coming from countries that contribute to warming the planet.  Nature is not a resource for profit, it is a way to guarantee future generations’ lives are safe,” said Asensio Rodriguez, Greenpeace Brazil Executive Director.

“Greenpeace will continue to defend the environment, promote peace and demand social justice. Those are the core values that have guided our work since our foundation decades ago, backed by our independence and belief in peaceful protest. We hold on to them now more than ever.”



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