Buenos Aires, 1 December, 2018 — In response to the conclusion of the G20 Leaders Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Greenpeace International Executive Director Jennifer Morgan said:

“This outcome reaffirms the G19 resolve to act on climate, isolating the US administration as the lone government to have abandoned Paris, and sending a strong signal towards COP24. But while the G19 held the line, what it must do now is step up action and prove that it has heard the voices of the vulnerable countries who only just last week at their own summit demanded accelerated climate action. Actions speak loudest and this is the task that falls to COP24, where the Paris Agreement must be put to work and climate action ramped up.

“In Katowice, at the UNFCCC, every country of the world will be gathered and called upon by the people to act on the latest climate science. In another year of devastating climate impacts, the message from the IPCC’s 1.5°C special report is simple: we still have hope, but we must act now or condemn millions to suffering.

“What future awaits us? That’s the question tasked to world leaders at COP24. They are the last politicians who are aware of the risks and still have the time and possibility to act. How will they be remembered? All of them are on notice.”



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