Message projected to Spodek, in Katowice Poland © Konrad Konstantynowicz / Greenpeace

Greenpeace activists project a message to world leaders onto the roof of the COP24 venue, the Spodek, in Katowice.

Katowice, Poland –  As the UN climate talks in Poland entered their second week, Greenpeace activists projected a message to world leaders at COP24 demanding urgent action to turn the tide on the worsening climate emergency.

Activists projected the words: ‘Politicians Talk, Leaders Act’ and ‘No Hope Without Climate Action’ onto the roof of the COP24 venue, the Spodek, in Katowice.  

The activity took place as the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights dawned in the Asia-Pacific region, where some of the world’s most climate vulnerable people are calling for countries to align their national climate action targets with the 1.5°C target.

Greenpeace International’s head of delegation at COP24, Jens Mattias Clausen said:

“We’ve reached the crunch moment for not only COP24, but for the world, to deliver the kind of climate action we’re in desperate need of. This is a climate emergency and only through a shared commitment to action will we prevent a system collapse.

There’s no excuse for divisions not to be bridged here in Katowice. While a lot of politicians talk about climate action, their words fail to inspire hope and ring like empty promises in the COP24 corridors unless they stand up and be counted.

“What we need is a strong commitment to ramp up the current grossly insufficient climate plans by 2020 at latest, a strong set of rules to govern action and real money for real action so that we get to work rescuing our climate. Those who irresponsibly fail to deliver or negligently try and block climate action will be held accountable.”

Greenpeace is calling for:

  • Commitment to strengthen national climate plans (NDCs) in line with 1.5 degrees as soon as possible and no later than 2020
  • A strong rulebook with environmental integrity that supports real action on the ground
  • Scaled-up and predictable finance and support for poor and vulnerable countries

Greenpeace Poland campaigner Paweł Szypulski said:

“It was a tough first week for Poland. The president says Poland can burn coal for the next 200 years, the prime minister suggests emissions are declining rather than increasing and the minister of energy commits to a new coal power plant. This COP can’t be called a success without responding to the latest climate science with strong call for action. The COP24 presidency needs to urgently elevate the issue of ambition.

“While the Polish political elites fail to understand the urgency, two thirds of Poles support a coal phase-out by 2030 and the development of renewables. In the heart of Silesia, the Polish mining region hosting COP24, the people of Imielin are taking action against the extension of a hard coal mine that will threaten their homes and climate. A rapid coal phase-out is now on the agenda in one of the most coal-dependent countries in the world.”

Greenpeace East Asia Senior Global Policy Advisor Li Shuo said:

“Technical negotiations on the Paris rulebook have crystalised the options for ministers to engage in the second week. The good news is some extreme positions such as bifurcation are gone from the text. But further technical work is needed. In the meantime, ministers need to roll up their sleeves to unlock crunch issues, such as differentiation, and to ensure a balanced and robust package.”


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