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All of us vs. Arctic Oil

When politicians put oil and profit before people and planet, we need to hold them accountable.

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Let’s end the age of oil

People vs Oil: Join the movement to end the age of oil

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#Climate #Energy Revolution #Oil

Join the wave of resistance against pipelines

We stand in solidarity with Indigenous allies to protect water, land, wildlife and the right to protest.

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#Oceans #Oil

Defend the Amazon reef

Let’s make the world know about this underwater treasure!

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#Climate #Oil

Save the Arctic

For millennia people lived in the Arctic alongside some of the most elusive and majestic animals.

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Latest Articles

Handing in Eviction Notice to OMV in Wellington. © Greenpeace / Marty Melville

Three wins for the climate

by Ben Ayliffe

Good news comes in threes, they say. Unless, of course, you happen to be Equinor, OMV or Teck Resources – three fossil fuel companies who’ve all recently had very bad…


Arctic Sanctuary

June 2014

Arctic coastal states are keen to lay claim on the valuable resources found beyond their national boundaries, and they have all submitted applications to extend their polar seabeds. Governments and…

The Need for a High Seas Biodiversity Agreement

May 2013

The current way of managing the high seas puts short-term corporate interests before the long-term health of our oceans. Unless action is taken to restore and protect the health of…

Climate Change Impacts on Arctic Wildlife

August 2012

It is now very evident that the temperatures in the Arctic are warming due to climate change, with a resulting impact on sea ice. Over the past 100 years, average…

Emergency Oceans Rescue Plan

October 2010

Our oceans are in crisis. Hardly a week goes by without another major study linking the loss of marine biodiversity with human activity. Scientists repeatedly warn that many ocean ecosystems…