Amsterdam, Netherlands – Greenpeace International Executive Director Jennifer Morgan said:

“Germany has finally stepped up and joined most of its European neighbours in setting a phase-out date for coal, with support for workers, and deserves credit for that. But the target of 2038 is not enough to protect Germany or other countries from the dangerous impacts of climate change, nor to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.  Every week we see more and more evidence that climate change is accelerating, bringing with it forest fires, violent storms, and other extreme weather.  That should be pushing countries, and Germany should be leading to increase their ambition, to deliver more and to deliver it faster.”

“Pressure from people saved the Hambach forest and will lead to two dozen coal plants going offline in the next three years.  But, this coal phase-out timeline still overshoots what climate science and people everywhere need. What they demand. Those demands will continue, they will grow louder and the pressure stronger.”

“We will not be driven over the cliff edge of climate chaos by a lack of ambition. If we overshoot just a little we will still fall and crash onto the rocks below.”

“According to the IPCC, overall coal consumption globally has to be cut by at least two thirds by 2030 and completely by 2050. Germany should be leading the way and that means all coal plants should be closed by 2030, at the latest.”

“The drive to rid Germany of dirty and dangerous nuclear and coal power is now unstoppable, it is up to all of to make sure it happens in time.”



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