Amsterdam, NL – Greenpeace International executive director Bunny McDiarmid said:

“It is truly inspiring to see young people all over the world peacefully taking to the streets to confront the climate emergency; most of these courageous students may not be able to vote but they are demanding to be heard.

People in power might try and undermine the global youth climate movement — shrug it off because ‘they’re just kids’ — they will find themselves on the wrong side of history and will have to look into the eyes of their children and grandchildren and explain themselves.

Young people are telling us they are angry about the inaction of people in positions of influence. They understand the climate change science and know what it means for their own futures. We must open our ears to what they are saying, our eyes to what they are seeing and our hearts to what they are asking, and do everything we can to avoid climate chaos and in the process build a safer, fairer future for all.”

Greenpeace International executive director Jennifer Morgan said:

Anyone today in a leadership position, anyone with power or influence, or anyone who has at any time tried to stall or block political or industry progress towards halving emissions by 2030 should today stop whatever else they are doing and listen to the youth.

Leaders should feel embarrassed that their children, who they are meant to protect, are having to take to the streets in anger and frustration over the unfolding climate crisis and the lack of action to protect their future. Young people are speaking directly to power because they see how the future looks and are demanding a different path.

It’s up to all of us now to be motivated by what we’re seeing today and – whatever our level of responsibility – we must show the same level of courage and drive to tackle this climate emergency. We must do everything within our power to work towards a 1.5 degree economy, pull ourselves back from the brink and deliver a safer fairer future.  With courage and determination it is possible. ”



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