Glasgow, Scotland – The respected Climate Action Tracker today releases its annual global update – calculating the impact on the future global temperature rise of recent emissions announcements.

The CAT analysis found that taking into account 2030 pledges alone, the global temperature increase will be at 2.4C in 2100. From analysing what countries are actually doing (not proposals) the predicted rise is even higher, standing at 2.7C.

Greenpeace international Executive Director Jennifer Morgan said:

“This new calculation is like a telescope trained on an asteroid heading for Earth. It’s a devastating report that in any sane world would cause governments in Glasgow to immediately set aside their differences and work with uncompromising vigour for a deal to save our common future. Instead we’re seeing subversion, sabotage and selfishness from the powerful, while vulnerable countries fight for their lives and youth activists cry out for justice. You have to ask, where is the empathy?

“We have until the weekend to turn this thing around. That means countries agreeing how they’re going come back next year and every year after that until the gap to 1.5C is closed. The Ministers shouldn’t leave this city until they’ve nailed that.

“We also need to see a signal to phase out fossil fuels in the final decision text, and richer countries need to come good on their promise of money for less developed countries to adapt to the impacts of the climate crisis, develop clean energy systems and transition away from fossil fuels. We’ve just been told what the future holds. Everybody knows what we need to do to change it. No more excuses, time’s up, our leaders need to deliver, and now.”



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