New text released this morning for the Article 6 Paris Agreement rulebook gives the go ahead to entrenching carbon offsetting, which opens up major loopholes for double counting of emissions and a way out of real emissions reductions, that could blow the 1.5C limit. 

Louisa Casson, Climate Campaigner Greenpeace U.K.

“The new Article 6 text gives polluters the right to scam by allowing indefinite double counting of an emission reduction that has only happened once – or may not have happened at all. 

The invitation to greenwash through carbon offsetting risks making a farce of the Paris Agreement. If this goes ahead, governments are giving big polluters a free pass to pollute under the guise of being ‘carbon neutral’, without actually having to reduce emissions. We’re calling on the negotiators to stand firm against greenwash scams. We cannot leave Glasgow with an Article 6 Agreement that will blow the 1.5C limit.

“The world is watching. These backroom deals made overnight in corridors filled with 500 fossil fuel lobbyists are a betrayal to the youth, Indigenous Peoples who will continue to fight to stop offsetting scams and keep 1.5C alive.”

Juan Pablo Osornio, Head of Delegation, Greenpeace International

“If offsets are a scam, double counting of emissions reductions is a slap in the face. It’s essential to close the loopholes that could blow a hole through the Paris agreement. We need zero offsets and strong regulation to cut emissions until the gap to reach 1.5 C is closed, while protecting environmental integrity and upholding human rights.

“Negotiators must stop the greenwashing monster that the UN Secretary General warned against. We cannot leave Glasgow with an Article 6 Agreement that is littered with loopholes that undermine real climate action.”



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