Paris — 250 activists shut down TotalEnergies AMG today, demanding immediate and concrete commitments from its CEO Patrick Pouyanné on TotalEnergies’ retreat from Russia and the end of all new fossil fuel projects, such as EACOP in Uganda and Mozambique LNG. 

With this peaceful protest, activists denounced the danger TotalEnergies’ strategy represents for the climate, peace and human rights — as well as the support given by Emmanuel Macron and his government in spite of all this. 

Action Non-Violente-COP21, Alternatiba Paris, Friends of the Earth France, and Greenpeace France  blockaded the Salle Pleyel, where the TotalEnergies Annual General Meeting of Shareholders was to be held. They displayed banners saying: “No withdrawal, no meeting” and “Total climate danger”. French and international activists are also present to bear witness to the danger that TotalEnergies represents throughout the world. The oil company had no choice but to cancel their in-person meeting.

Oil and gas campaigner at Greenpeace France Edina Ifticene said: “Patrick Pouyanné chose to put Russian gas at the centre of TotalEnergies’ strategy. As a result, the oil giant is heavily dependent on Russia, and now prefers to take the risk of financing Vladimir Putin’s war rather than backtracking. For TotalEnergies, profits come before ethics. It is truly a scandal.”

For more information and contact information, please see Greenpeace France’s press release.