Paris, France – In response to the release of the International Energy Agency report, Net Zero Roadmap: A Global Pathway to keep the 1.5ºC Goal in Reach, Kaisa Kosonen, Policy Coordinator, Greenpeace International said:

“It’s an extraordinary moment in history: we now have all the tools needed to free ourselves from planet-heating fossil fuels, but there’s still no decision to do it. That is what the UN climate conference this year will be all about – getting governments to finally agree to end the use of oil, coal and gas in a fast and fair manner, with an immediate end to all new fossil fuel projects. 

Solar and wind power are set to grow exponentially, bringing down energy costs, but that alone won’t help if our leaders fail to regulate the fossil fuel industry out of the way. Renewable energy and efficiency goals are always welcome but the actual task at hand is stopping the ongoing reckless expansion of the fossil fuel industry.

Leaders can’t claim to support the Paris Agreement and its 1.5°C warming limit if they keep permitting new fossil fuel projects. We need a clear and just plan with benchmarks to get rid of the old, polluting fuels that are killing us. Those who’ve polluted and profited the most must be made accountable for supporting the least responsible countries and communities in their transition to clean, renewable energy.”



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