Campaigning for a peaceful, just and green future is no longer the job of a specialised few, but the common struggle of all. As the distance between rich and poor grows, and the grip of old power systems wreaks ever more havoc on the natural world, our struggle will and must intensify.

As we pour enormous energy and passion into our campaigns, we have also continued to evolve as an organisation, continued to invest in our capacity to design and deliver campaigns in emerging economies, to be as strong in the global south as we are in the north. This has not been without challenges: we have made some mistakes, especially in the arena of managing vast foreign currency transfers, as you can see from our financial report. We learn from those mistakes, make changes as necessary and emerge stronger.

We continue to invest in people-powered campaigning, enabling and catalysing citizens worldwide to bring about positive social and environmental change. We believe all acts of courage, like those of the Arctic 30, propel us forward. They inspire people to take their own actions, to join the growing global movement that will accept no other future than one that is green, peaceful and just.

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