The year was marked by the devastation that the relentless and reckless pursuit of profit can cause: a human tragedy and enormous environmental, social and economic devastation that will last a generation or more. We watched in horror as oil poured from a blown-out deepwater well in the Gulf of Mexico. The oil industry appeared to be both unprepared and powerless to stop it.

The Deepwater Horizon disaster provided yet another reason why the world should end its reliance on dwindling fossil fuels and embrace an Energy [R]evolution based upon smart use of energy and renewable energy sources.

Throughout the year, we challenged corporations to become leaders in the struggle to avert climate change. We challenged them to clean up their supply chains and address their roles in environmental destruction. We demanded that they champion policies to protect the environment and the climate.

And we harnessed the power of consumers, urging them to vote with their pockets and demand goods and services that do not cost the Earth. We have been increasingly campaigning with our supporters to let major brands know that we won’t buy environmental destruction.

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