Climate justice is a growing global movement based on the belief that people have a right to a stable climate and deserve protection from the dangers of hazardous climate change.

Through the legal system you can target government authorities and force political leaders to  fulfil their duties to protect people’s human rights. This guide provides an overview of what steps to take when bringing your government to court over its climate inaction.

Scientists agree that the Earth’s temperature is rising and human activity plays a central role.

All around the world there are increasing incidents of climate-fuelled heatwaves, floods, droughts, and extreme weather events. Every person has the right to a healthy environment – to life, health, food, and an adequate standard of living. Climate change poses a threat to these rights. But we can make a difference.

Using the law, individuals and communities are rising up against governments and corporations and leading the way towards sustainable economies. Climate justice matters because today’s generation is the last generation that can take steps to avoid the worst  impacts of climate change. Governments are being made to listen and respond as people, from young to old and city-dwellers to farmers, are standing up and taking action.

Want to bring your government to court over climate inaction? Find out how in A People’s Guide.