We are part of nature. As we move through these turbulent times of the global pandemic and the climate emergency, we bear witness to the undeniable interdependence of people and planet.

We have seen throughout 2019 and already in 2020, the scale of the climate and biodiversity crisis going beyond even some of the most extreme predictions. As nature is impacted, so are we – some far more than others.

We know that people who have been and are being marginalised (poorer communities especially across the Global South but also in the Global North, women, people of colour, Indigenous Peoples) are disproportionately impacted by climate change and biodiversity loss. Environmental sustainability cannot be achieved unless it goes hand in hand with equity, economic and social justice on all fronts globally.

Greenpeace has been working with many allies and partners to this end. We are also working to ensure that, as a global network, Greenpeace itself makes the change it wants to see in the world – reflecting and promoting justice, diversity, inclusion and sustainability.

In 2019 we witnessed a great resurgence of youth activism. The powerful energy of young people, sometimes standing alone in protest, but united by a common voice, inspired and challenged all of us. Coupled with the student strikes that galvanised millions of people to take to the streets and demand a better future, the youth are a magnificent reminder of people power in action.

We continue to be an integral part of that movement, but we must strive to expand its reach and impact. We are committed to continuing to organise ourselves, and with others, to be more impactful, bring faster and deeper change, to live our principles and to achieve our goals of justice, equity and peace for people and the planet.

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