Outdoor brands and their suppliers rely upon stunning natural images of lonely, pristine mountain lakes and remote snowy mountain ranges climbed by famous outdoor adventurers for their advertising. Yet the chemicals used to make their products weatherproof are leaving an indelible footprint in the remote mountainous regions so loved by outdoor enthusiasts.

To search for clues about the extent that these chemicals are contaminating these pristine environments, Greenpeace Germany undertook eight expeditions to remote mountainous areas on three continents. Snow, and in some places water samples, were taken at a total of 10 locations and analysed for the presence of environmentally hazardous per and poly-fluorinated chemicals (PFCs).

An array of scientific studies suggests that the PFC problem is nowhere near to being solved. Greenpeace Germany now wants to raise awareness among outdoor enthusiasts and the wider public with this unique, globally organised study tour.

This report was produced by Greenpeace Germany and is available in English below.

Download Footprints in the Snow. [PDF]

Download the Executive Summary. [PDF]