No, really, they are!

Samsung Flagship Store Action in London. © Greenpeace

Greenpeace UK activists give Samsung’s flagship store in London a rebranding makeover to expose the tech giant’s over-reliance on fossil fuels. © @ Greenpeace

That’s why government and corporations must do everything they can to break our addiction to fossil fuels now, before it’s too late. And there’s one company sponsoring this year’s Winter Olympics in South Korea, which has the power to transform the global tech industry…

It has a bigger energy footprint than a small country. Less than 1% of the energy it uses to make its products come from renewables, meaning that if it committed to 100% renewables, it would shift the industry and set a global benchmark for others to follow. Now that sounds like a tech leader!

With the support of thousands of people like you, Greenpeace is calling on Samsung’s CEOs to #DoBiggerThings.

That’s why Greenpeace activists all over the world – London, New York, Taipei, Berlin – have been making sure this climate change sponsor gets the message: commit to 100% renewable energy before it is too late.

New York

Samsung" Action in New York City © Stephanie Keith / Greenpeace

Greenpeace activists gathered outside the Samsung store in New York City demanding the company end its reliance on dirty energy like coal. © Stephanie Keith / Greenpeace


Action against Samsung in Taiwan © Chong Kok Yew / Greenpeace

“Go 100% RE right now #DoBiggerThings Now” and “Stop Fuelling Climate Change” banners were dropped from the top of Samsung’s stores in Taipei. © Chong Kok Yew / Greenpeace


Protest in Berlin for Samsung to Commit to Clean Energy © Mike Schmidt / Greenpeace

Greenpeace Germany activists hang a banner over a Samsung advertisement on the walls of the Berlin Palace that reads: ‘Go 100% renewable energy now!’. © Mike Schmidt / Greenpeace

Watch how it all unfolded below…

Despite all its PR talk of “championing the impossible” and “doing bigger things”, Samsung still relies on dirty, old-fashioned fossil fuels like coal to make gadgets.

Think Samsung needs to#DoBiggerThings? Join in our virtual banner drop by posting this tweet on Samsung’s feed!


Robin Perkins is Global Rethink IT Campaigner at Greenpeace East Asia

Urge Samsung to stop fuelling climate change and switch to renewables now!