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Remember when we were joining climate marches together, like the huge gatherings around the world in 2019? It already feels like years rather than months since we were allowed to take to the streets in big groups to protest and speak truth to power.

Because of the global pandemic, we’re maintaining physical distancing where we can. But from online actions to trending hashtags, from holographic marches, to physical protests maintaining a two metre distance, activists all around the world are continuing to stand up for the future they want to see, in increasingly creative and innovative ways. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourites. We hope they inspire you as much as they’ve inspired us. 

Let’s turn the crisis into an opportunity. This is our chance for a change. We are undivided, even if we can’t be together.

Across the globe, Fridays For Future activists have continued to demand action on climate under the hashtag #DigitalStrike

Virtual protests have had a big impact

Berlin, Germany. Activists leave placards to create a mosaic of messages.

Single activists took to the streets, while respecting physical distancing guidelines

Lone Climate Strike Protester Arshak Makichyan in Moscow.
Lone Climate Strike Protester Arshak Makichyan in Moscow. © Anna Antanaytite / Greenpeace
White House Oil Executives Meeting Protest in Washington D.C.
White House Oil Executives Meeting Protest in Washington D.C. © Anonymous / Greenpeace
Protest at Prime Minister's Office in Warsaw
Protest at Prime Minister’s Office in Warsaw © Greenpeace

While others used social media to symbolise solidarity while isolating

And people at home creating their own projected banners with lights and shadow

One thing is for sure, people are not letting isolation silence them. There is a post-covid world on the horizon, and we will continue to fight for the future we want to see for people and planet.