When used with the best of intentions, social media can be a powerful tool to share wonderful human stories and stay informed about what’s happening in our world. It is also a great place to seek inspiration on what we can do, individually and collectively, to create a better future for everyone. 

Climate Voices on Social Media features inspiring climate ambassadors around the globe who use their social media for good. They are all around us: activists, students, actors, artists, writers, photographers, content creators or even you! Here is a roundup of 12 inspiring voices we got to know this year:

1. Antonio Ripoll

A young man with Asperger’s Syndrome born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Antonio Ripoll combines his studies in natural resources conservation with passion for photography. He then fulfilled his dream by starring in National Geographic series Bichero, exploring nature and biodiversity, while using his social media to share content about nature and the importance of protecting it. “When I was little, I felt misunderstood. I was bullied and I couldn’t connect with other people in a way that made me feel comfortable. At that point, animals saved my life and gave me a reason to keep going. So, all of my nature outreach work is a way of giving back that beautiful gesture that animals had for me. My goal is that we can learn from them so that we can all live together better,” Antonio said.

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Antonio Ripoll, the host in National Geographic series Bichero
Antonio Ripoll, the host in National Geographic series Bichero

2. Bea Dolores

A nature-loving Filipina with diverse advocacy work locally and internationally since 2016 who maintains a low-carbon lifestyle, Bea advocates for biodiversity and cultural identity. She is now doing research on improving walkability in local urban spaces through a year-long youth transport fellowship program. Using her social media, Bea shares her own eco-lifestyle hacks, transport concerns, and updates about the climate crisis. She also has been a social media manager for different organisations throughout her 7 years of advocacy work. One of them is Renacimiento Manila (Rebirth Manila), the heritage and urban renewal organisation she helped start in early 2020, now has over 24,000 followers online.

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Bea Dolores has been doing her advocacy work since 2016

3. Cynthia Houniuhi

Growing up in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific and seeing how the islands and livelihoods are being threatened and their basic human rights being undermined, it has moved Cynthia Houniuhi to act. “I want to be able to have my children live on the islands my ancestors have lived and walked on and the environment I grew up in,” said Cynthia. She is the President of Pacific Islands Students Fighting Climate Change (PISFCC) who campaigns to seek an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice on climate and human rights. She believes that stories move hearts. That is why she uses social media to bring attention to PISFCC’s climate campaigns and share their stories, also to learn from and share with the other young climate activists around the world.

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Cynthia Houniuhi as young Pacific Islands representative at COP27

4. Dylan Kava

Dylan is an environmental advocate and political activist from Fiji. He is a proud Pacific climate warrior and climate communicator using social media to highlight innovative solutions and initiatives coming out of the Pacific, showing the world that Pacific people are not merely victims but also solution holders. He currently works with the Pacific Islands Climate Action Network specifically on the push for a global fossil fuel phaseout and a just transition in the region, as well as supporting the International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion on Climate Change Campaign. #WeAreNotDrowningWeAreFighting

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Dylan Kava, young environmental and political activist from Fiji

5. Ganesha Pillai

With experiences in the fields of sustainability, climate change mitigation and renewable energy, Ganesha uses his LinkedIn profile to share his voices and initiate discussions about climate. Now he is the Senior Research Associate in Asia School of Business, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. “I would say I try to fill the knowledge gap by posting relevant materials (about climate and sustainability) in social media to create more awareness and strike up interesting conversations with people,” he said.

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Ganesha Pillai shares his knowledge on climate and sustainability

6. Isao Sakai

Born in 2001 in Tokyo, Isao co-founded Fridays For Future Japan and has been involved with action and strategy planning to demand changes in the local government’s energy policy. Currently, Isao is studying Environmental Humanities and Peace Studies at Earlham College, United States, also working on publishing an independent magazine about decoloniality & East Asia, while using his social media channels to raise awareness about colonialism as one of the root causes of the climate crisis. He was on Forbes Japan 30 Under 30 in 2021. 

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Isao Sakai, co-founder of Fridays for Future Japan

7. Jonathan Berlin

Since 2019, Jonathan Berlin has combined his profession as an actor with climate activism. Most notably, he pleaded for a national climate emergency and initiated a letter to stop coal mining in the German village of Lützerath together with other colleagues at the German Bundestag (German federal parliament). Jonathan regularly uses his voice to draw attention to the climate crisis through social media, interviews and broadcasts. In the Arctic, he also filmed a short documentary on the state of glaciers as a seismograph of the climate crisis.

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Young German actor and climate activist Jonathan Berlin
© Jeanne Degraa

8. Kasan Kurdi

Driven by immense passion for photography, Kasan Kurdi, born and raised in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, has been working as a freelance videographer for 20 years. He is now actively involved in the local social community Akar Padi that has an annual event called “Ngaran Kite Festival” to talk about youth, agriculture, environment and climate through kites.

“In my work, I often witness how human greed has destroyed our environment. I hope that sharing my visual experiences through the power of social media can capture the hearts and minds of the people so they realise that our Earth is not doing well, so that they will reduce or even stop consuming products which have the potential to exacerbate the climate crisis. For the sake of our future generations after us, enough is enough!” said Kasan.

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Indonesian photographer, Kasan Kurdi, actively speaks up about environment

9. Lamiaa Biaz

Lamiaa Biaz is a French-Moroccan activist who has been living plastic and waste-free since 2019. She uses art and engages in conversations with experts to raise awareness about plastic, waste, and agriculture crises on social media. She also founded the Captain Forest movement which aims to promote sustainable living in the community. Lamiaa stated: “Build a strong connection with nature, then start your ecological journey. Why? Because your actions should come from a place of love. Not fear. LOVE.”

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French-Moroccan activist Lamiaa Biaz

10. Louisa Schneider

A German journalist, climate activist, and storyteller, committed to fight the climate crisis and its consequences, Louisa Schneider is now the host of grad.jetzt, a project by Greenpeace Germany that aims to show connections between climate, tipping points, and biodiversity. In this project, she travels to global climate tipping points to show and explain the beauty of the planet as well as the dangerous effects of current climate developments. On social media, she shares her experiences and amplifies the voices of those who are already suffering the most from the effects of the climate crisis.

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Climate activist and journalist Louisa Schneider who is one of the hosts of Greenpeace Germany’s grad.jetzt project

11. Rodolfo “Jun” Sabayton Jr.

Rodolfo “Jun” Sabayton Jr.  is a filmmaker, curator, cultural worker, and also a member of several artist collectives and non-government organisations in the Philippines. An environmental advocate for almost two decades, Jun is known for his long-running collaboration with Greenpeace Philippines on various campaigns to promote plastic-free future and climate justice. 

He said, “my work aims to cultivate a global community that embraces environmental stewardship and preservation of the earth. Through social media, I am able to share my art as well as show the beauty of our planet as well as the devastating impacts of human activity. This gives the opportunity to spark conversations, raise awareness and inspire collective action towards a sustainable future.”

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Jun Sabayton Jr., TV personality and celebrity, who supports the Climate Justice campaign in the Philippines. © Jilson Tiu / Greenpeace

12. Samela Sateré Mawé

Samela is a young Indigenous of the Sateré Mawé people. Born as an Amazonian, she uses her social media as a tool of struggle and resistance in defence of the Amazon biome and also all the people who live there. “The internet and social media channels for us, indigenous peoples, have become an important tool for deconstruction, decolonization, demystification and denunciation, especially talking about the indigenous and environmental agenda,” Samela stated.

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Amazonian activist Samela Sateré Mawé