As activists for environmental justice working in technology, we’re STOKED for the first digital transformation conference for non-profit organisations hosted by Greenpeace. It can’t come too soon!

For decades, technology has progressively changed the world we are trying to save, but the last few years brought an unprecedented acceleration. 

While the big techs debate whether the 47th US president will be the last only elected by humans, value-driven organisations like ours grapple with the tech-related challenges that are currently slowing down our missions to change the world. Challenges such as  attention span decrease, misinformation, loss of trust, enshittification of (social media) platforms or cyberattacks… We could go on.  

Today, for non-profits operating at all levels and geographies, to digitally transform is about how we have conversations, make decisions, organise networks, hire people, run campaigns and fund the work we do. It is not a matter of “keeping up”, it’s mission critical.  

Here’s where digital transformation comes in.  

huge whale image in blue lights appears in the night sky above a crowd of onlookers during an ocean-themed drone light show in Seoul, Korea
Ocean drone light show held by Greenpeace Seoul in Seoul Forest Park to engage people and push the global leaders for a strong UN Global Ocean Treaty. Images of sea creatures such as whales, sea turtles, penguins, and messages of ocean protection in the Seoul sky highlight the urgent need for Ocean protection. © Sungwoo Lee / Greenpeace

Greenpeace’s Tech vision and Digital Transformation journey

At Greenpeace, we don’t shy away from challenges: we promote solutions by developing, researching and campaigning for concrete steps towards a green and peaceful future for all of us. This also means continued effort in understanding how to leverage the uplift that technology can give us. 

These efforts led, in 2020, to the co-creation of Greenpeace’s Technology Vision, laying out the foundations for the global Greenpeace network – with some parts just 2 years old and others over 50 – to digitally transform together.

Our tech vision sets a direction of travel for how we collaborate, make decisions based on reliable data, focus on critical areas, apply our values and build capacity to drive the change we need. 

A snapshot* of the Greenpeace Network Digital Maturity Assessment that’s used to help shape local strategies, release experimentation funds and empower a global digital transformation (DX) community. *2024 data is not yet live.

Get inspired (and inspire): the Digital Transformation conference 

The Greenpeace Tech Vision and DX journey is one way to approach the problem, but how is everyone else doing it? How does the digital transformation journey look in like-minded organisations? How can non-profits build bridges to keep exchanging ideas for greater impact in an increasingly volatile world? 

Organising a Digital Transformation (DX) conference focused on non-profits seemed a good start to answer these questions, so here it is: 

The 1st Greenpeace-hosted, fully remote DX conference will take place on May 15th, 2024. All technology leaders of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), registered charities or civil society organisations and educational institutions are invited to gather, exchange and learn. You can sign up here and / or join this LinkedIn group.  

Tech leaders from Action Against Hunger, Action for Children, Amnesty International, Catholic Relief Services,  Climate and Land Use Alliance, University of Münster, WAGGGS, Wikimedia, WWF and more will chat on how to approach DX, the role of leadership in driving the change, the Future of the Digital Landscape and other interesting stuff. 

See you on May 15th?  

Luca Tiralongo and Maria Julia van Boekel Cheola Torres are part of the Greenpeace International Digital Transformation Support Centre (DXSC) and are extremely grateful to everyone who is working hard, donating time and expertise to make this first conference a success. 

To know more about how Greenpeace is working with Technology and its Digital Transformation journey, please reach out to the DXSC Team

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