Join the call to get a nationwide strategy that will eliminate single-use plastic pollution here in Aotearoa.


Sign on now to get the Government to adopt a national strategy to eliminate plastic pollution in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The problem

Plastic pollution is choking our oceans, and putting the creatures that call them home at risk. We need a plan to stop it! Around the world, people and governments are taking bold action, but some of their plans still don’t go far enough. Meanwhile, big corporations like Coca Cola, keep on churning plastic out at break neck speed.

The solution

In New Zealand, we got a ban on plastic bags, but that’s just the beginning. Together we’ve created a vision to tackle the scale of plastic pollution in Aotearoa, that calls on the Government to step up – and forces corporate polluters to clean up their act. Read the plan, sign-on and take action with us!

What you can do?

Read the plan

Our oceans are choking on single-use plastics. It’s time for real solutions. We’re calling on the Government to dramatically cut single-use plastic in Aotearoa and hold industry accountable for this plastic mess they create. Learn more about our Plastic Free NZ plan by reading here.

Read the plan

Write to your MP

Please ask your MP to support the plan to dramatically cut NZ’s use of single use plastic, and hold the industry accountable. Click the link and you can find your electorate MP, with some talking points you can raise with them. If enough of us do this, we could push our MPs to act!

Start here

Campaign in your local area

Start your own local plastic petition and help drive change in your community. Call on your MP to support the plan, or demand your local business go plastic free. Get active in this campaign and together, let’s make ‘Plastic-Free NZ’ a reality!

Start here

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Download our policy paper

Together with our plastic-free allies, we put forward a policy paper in January 2019, that sets out the work that needs to be done to make NZ plastic pollution free. You can download that here.

Download here

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