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#Food&Farming PETITION: Support a shift to regenerative farming

Call on Jacinda Ardern to set up a billion dollar fund to transition New Zealand away from industrial to regenerative…

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#Food&Farming PETITION: Phase out imported feed like PKE

Join us to call on the New Zealand Government to phase out imported animal feed like PKE for the good…

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#Food&Farming PETITION: Ban synthetic nitrogen fertiliser

Sign on now to call on the NZ Govt to ban chemical nitrogen fertiliser.

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#Climate Change #Food&Farming #Freshwater Save Our Rivers

Synthetic nitrogen fertiliser is added to grass to make it grow faster. More grass means more cows – that means…

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#Food&Farming #Freshwater Save Our Rivers

We all rely on and treasure clean freshwater, but industrial dairying is putting it under threat.

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#Food&Farming Email the Mackenzie District Council

Ask the Mackenzie District Council to refuse dairy conversion consents for Murray Valentine’s destructive dairy conversion in the Mackenzie Basin.

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