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#Food&Farming #Freshwater

Saving our rivers – how you can help

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#ClimateEmergency #Food&Farming #Freshwater

Stop Dairy Expansion

Synthetic nitrogen fertiliser is added to grass to make it grow faster. More grass means more cows – that means…

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#Food&Farming #Freshwater

Save Our Rivers

We all rely on and treasure clean freshwater, but industrial dairying is putting it under threat.

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Email the Mackenzie District Council

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August 2019

Agriculture, in particular intensive dairying, is one of New Zealand‟s largest environmental problems causing freshwater pollution, biodiversity loss, soil degradation and of course, climate change. However, if done differently, agriculture…

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When it comes to clean water, industrial agriculture remains New Zealand’s biggest challenge, and large-scale irrigation schemes planned around the country are set to make things worse.