QUEZON CITY, Philippines — In response to the Department of Transportation (DOTr) “ignoring” the call to include transport groups in revisiting the PUV modernization program[1], these groups will hold a three-day transport strike coinciding with Marcos Jr.’s second State of the Nation Address.

Reacting to this, Greenpeace campaigner Rhea Jane Mallari, said:

“In order for this transition to become inclusive, equitable, and people-oriented, we call on the government to let the drivers and operators take part in revisiting the PUV modernization program and recognize them as partners in creating and implementing plans related to urban mobility.

As we find more ways to provide safe, comfortable, and eco-friendly modes of transportation, jeepney drivers and operators should not bear the burden of modernization. The steps we take toward this transition should be just and in the service of the people. It is vital to reduce CO2 emissions, improve air quality, and protect public health, but jeepney drivers who are already struggling to make a living shouldn’t be left on the wayside. 

An effective plan to modernize public transport should look beyond technology and regulations, and acknowledge that having a clean and sustainable transport system is more than just modernizing engines and fleets. The Philippine government also needs to address other barriers, such as high fares and inaccessibility to different mobility needs, and examine the root causes of our problems in our transportation system. In addressing these issues, they should look more into moving people around safely while keeping the environmental impact low. Moreover, the government should be investing more on green spaces, wider lanes for walking and cycling, and better mass transport systems to rehabilitate public transport and its infrastructure.

Integrating equity in urban mobility is possible through a human-centered approach that takes into account the underserved communities in the transportation innovation process, helping them co-design, co-develop, co-implement, and co-lead new mobility solutions and practices. No one should be left behind in our transition toward a better environment and livable cities.”


[1] MANIBELA president Mar Valbuena voiced grievances on Facebook over the Department of Transportation’s disregard for their concerns regarding the PUV modernization program

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