Coal burning has existed for centuries. It powered the Industrial Revolution, changing the course of the world. At present it provides 29.9% of global primary energy needs and generates 41% of the world’s electricity. It is also used in the production of 70% of the world’s steel. Total world coal production reached a record
level of 7831metric tons in 2012. This represents an annual growth of 2.9%. Since 2000, global coal consumption has grown faster than any other fuel. The five largest coal users – China, USA, India, Russia and Japan – account for 76% of total global coal use. Indonesia, which is a major source of coal for the Philippines, is the top coal exporter and ranks among the top coal producers in the world.

The True Cost of Coal (Volume 1) is part of a three-series comprehensive research on the external costs of coal in the Philippines. Greenpeace hopes that it will be a valuable tool to ensure a broader debate and to guide policy makers and researchers in their decision making framework for the country’s energy plans.

It is time for us to phase out coal, heal the planet and transition to clean energy and clean air for all. We only have one Planet and we cannot afford to lose it.

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