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MacWorld doesn't like it green

Blog entry by tom | 8 January, 2007 7 comments

Today is the start of the big MacWorld event in San Francisco, where thousands of Apple devotees gather to hear Steve’s words of wisdom. Those of you who have been paying attention will know Apple fans have been asking Apple to be a ...

Your video camera: tamer of climate chaos!

Blog entry by brianfit | 8 January, 2007

Greenpeace pals Seventh Generation and are running an über-cool contest called "Convenient Truths." It works like this: 1. Grab a video camera. 2. Do something to inspire your peers to stop global warming 3.

New Zealand: Ready and Waiting

Feature story | 5 January, 2007 at 10:43

As the Esperanza heads for Auckland, the Greenpeace New Zealand team are eagerly awaiting her arrival. With the ship comes old friends and colleagues, from New Zealand and around the world. Carol in our New Zealand office reflects on the shared...

Trademark vs free speech victory

Blog entry by Andrew | 4 January, 2007 2 comments

Last year, the government here in the Netherlands ran TV adds showing banners that read, "Disasters can’t be planned, preparations can. Think ahead". But of course some disasters can be prevented by good planning. For example, if the...

Ice shelf size of Manhattan: gone. Polar Bears next=

Blog entry by brianfit | 2 January, 2007 5 comments

Oh, people, look around you. The signs are everywhere. --Jackson Browne It was called the Ayles Ice Shelf until it became an island, breaking off from Canada last summer unobserved. It has been attached to Ellesmere Island for the...

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