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Technology Company Report Card

Blog entry by eoin | 25 August, 2006

We published a scorecard and report today listing what tech companies are doing to reduce their share of the global electronic waste problem. Dell and Nokia didn’t do so badly, but those stylish Apple computers and Moto phones rated...

Rainbow Warrior Update on Marseille Blockade

Blog entry by Dave | 25 August, 2006

Following an additional confrontation yesterday morning where tuna fishermen blockaded and boarded the Rainbow Warrior - as well as fire hosing its crew; our ship has been towed out of France's 12 mile territorial zone by the French...

Your guide to green electronics

Feature story | 25 August, 2006 at 0:00

The biggest names in electronics have just sat their first global exam on their green credentials. Ranked on their use of toxic chemicals and electronic waste (e-waste) policies only Dell and Nokia scraped a barely respectable score while Apple,...

Compelling evidence of toxicity in Rapu Rapu

Feature story | 24 August, 2006 at 16:28

An inspection conducted today by Greenpeace scientists and government officials showed that toxic pollution from the Lafayette mine would clearly affect the coastal and marine ecosystems of Rapu Rapu Island. Our activists also entered the mine,...

French tuna fishermen blockade the Rainbow Warrior

Feature story | 24 August, 2006 at 0:00

(UPDATED) The port of Marseille is refusing to let our flagship, the Rainbow Warrior, dock and some French tuna fishermen are in uproar - thanks to our work highlighting widespread overfishing and illegalities in the Mediterranean tuna industry.

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