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Protect Olive TreesVillagers met with violence while protecting olive trees

The Kolin Group wants the olive trees cut down to make way for a new coal power plant.

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Rapu Rapu island mining resumes

Feature story | 26 July, 2006 at 0:00

The countdown to another oceans disaster has begun. The start of the controlled 30-day test run granted to Australian mining company Lafayette by the Philippine government signalled the resumption of the company's operations in Rapu Rapu. This is...

Life, fishing and hypothermia on the Bering Sea

Blog entry by Andrew | 25 July, 2006

While the Defending Our Oceans and Defending the Mediterranean expeditions continue in warmer waters, Greenpeace USA is about half way through their own research expedition in the Bearing Sea (off the coast of Alaska). They are...


Blog entry by Andrew | 25 July, 2006 6 comments

Ahoy! I'm Andrew, from Washington, DC (and surrounding areas). I've been working for Greenpeace for years in the mistaken belief that there would be free pizza. Sadly no, or at least not yet, but I have been lucky enough to see and...


Feature story | 25 July, 2006 at 0:00

In an historic deal that has impacts far beyond the golden arches and into the global agricultural market, McDonald's is now the leading company in the campaign to halt deforestation for the expansion of soya farming in the Amazon.

Peace in the Middle East

Feature story | 24 July, 2006 at 0:00

Greenpeace is gravely concerned and shares horror at the escalating violence and conflict in Lebanon, Israel and Gaza.

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