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Edinburgh Energy - to be decentralised!

Blog entry by Dave | 8 November, 2006 1 comment

Latest news - it looks like Edinburgh is set to follow the UK town of Woking, and long with Denmark and the Netherlands in implementing decentralised energy, as well as dramatically its carbon emissions. You can read more about this...

Some weird dolphins in the news - four finned and wolphins!

Blog entry by Dave | 8 November, 2006

First - the wolphin, or wholphin. Truth be told, when I saw this image on MSNBC, I thought "photoshop job" - not only is it kind of a tacky looking photograph, but the image itself look weird - possibly from being overcompressed.

Even some Canadians blame Canada

Blog entry by Andrew | 8 November, 2006

Here is a great editorial by, Averill Baker, who describes herself as a "live and die" Newfoundlander. It's clear she is genuinely (and rightly) flabbergasted by her government's position on bottom trawling. It starts off: Not...

BBC Earth Report goes rock bottom ... literally

Blog entry by Adele | 8 November, 2006

BBC's Earth Report has prepared a piece revealing that there are corals in the cold deep ocean. No surprise to us anti-bottom-trawling afficionados of course, but probably most people imagine a sandy, rocky, barren moonscape down...

The Climate Kiosk

Blog entry by Agnes de Rooij | 8 November, 2006

Hi all, Just a short update from a still very rainy Nairobi (can not seem to escape the Dutch autumn!). Hopefully next year's conference is in Bali ;-) The SolarGen students have set up their (already very popular!) exhibition stand...

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