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An inconvenient truth

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 12 October, 2006

Al Gore's film ' An Inconvenient Truth ' opens in Holland today. You'd think that with the world approaching a literal melt down you wouldn't need a movie to get people's attention. But there's the rub - these days there are so many...

Humanity has started eating the planet

Blog entry by Dave | 12 October, 2006

There was a fairly stiff article in today's Independent (UK): "Today is a bleak day for the environment, the day of the year when mankind over-exploits the world's resources - the day when we start living beyond our ecological means...

Fish and sex trade

Feature story | 12 October, 2006 at 0:00

Fishing and prostitution might be the two oldest professions. But the exploitation of both is creating new vulnerabilities for Pacific islands as the whole world increasingly comes to fish in its waters. Ben Bohane reports from Kiribati.

Petron: Stop the spill!

Feature story | 11 October, 2006 at 14:27

A surprise from the shores of Guimaras was brought to the doorsteps of Petron corporation’s headquarters in Makati City. Activists delivered a drum of spilt bunker fuel, highlighting the company's lack of urgency in retrieving the remaining fuel...

Fair winds, Bruce Abraham

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 10 October, 2006 5 comments

Pete Willcox, first skipper of the Rainbow Warrior, wrote this homage to activist Bruce Abraham: Bruce Abraham died yesterday. I do not know the details. I met Bruce in 1983 in Seattle, when we were there getting ready for...

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