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Kyoto saved: not the planet

Feature story | 22 October, 2004 at 0:00

The Russian Parliament voted to ratify the Kyoto Protocol in a body blow to George W Bush's opposition to action on climate change.

EU still using illegally traded timber

Feature story | 21 October, 2004 at 0:00

Almost six months ago we revealed that the European Commission's new headquarters were being renovated with suspected illegal Indonesian wood. Embarrassed, it promised a full enquiry, but has yet to conclude any investigation, clean up its buying...

EU destroying deep sea life

Feature story | 18 October, 2004 at 0:00

LATEST UPDATE: Greenpeace takes direct action against bottom trawlersThe needless, excessive destruction of the high seas was exposed after our activists beamed back disturbing footage of deep sea carnage on a European Union (EU) trawler.

Bush suppresses GE crop warnings

Feature story | 18 October, 2004 at 0:00

Monsanto and the US Government have been telling the world that genetically engineered crops pose no contamination threat to natural indigenous species. But Greenpeace has learned from a leaked report that NAFTA disagrees and is recommending...

Rice at risk

Feature story | 16 October, 2004 at 0:00

Rice has been a grown around the world for over 10,000 years, it is cultivated in 113 countries and 3000 million people rely on it as a staple food. All of this is in danger as the spectre of genetic engineering creeps up on the planet's most...

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