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Earth scores against WTO

Feature story | 2 September, 2002 at 0:00

Yesterday evening, while the industry lobbyists were eating sushi and drinking champagne around a spectacular swimming pool, Greenpeace and other non-governmental organisations were taking action inside the halls of the Earth Summit.

Imitate our actions, not our words

Feature story | 1 September, 2002 at 0:00

They seemed innocent enough. Just little business-card sized pamphlets, small enough to be slipped into the wallet of any delegate, asking one simple question at the preparatory meetings for the Earth Summit in Bali: 'Why are you here?' We...

The difference is the spirit

Feature story | 31 August, 2002 at 0:00

Within the halls of Sandton, non-governmental organisations and press have been effectively excluded from all deliberations of the Earth Summit's now as they work late into the night. The mood is dark, as we watch commitment after commitment...

Voices for Positive Energy

Feature story | 30 August, 2002 at 0:00

Today here in Johannesburg, Greenpeace and The Body Shop presented 1,602,489 signatures to the Earth Summit in the form of an interactive mural calling upon delegates to agree to get clean, reliable, renewable energy into the hands of 2 billion...

Japanese nuclear safety scandal

Feature story | 30 August, 2002 at 0:00

Japan's largest nuclear utility has announced that there has been a safety cover-up for decades at its nuclear power plants. This is a devastating blow to an already embattled nuclear industry with global implications.

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