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Happy Blog Action Day to all the nuclear bunnies

Blog entry by Andrew | 15 October, 2009

In Washington State, a black US government hired helicopter flies 50 feet above the desert scrub searching for... radioactive rabbit dung. Somehow, unfortunate rabbits managed to get into the Hanford nuclear site (which made made...

Organised hippies

Blog entry by Juliette | 15 October, 2009 6 comments

In my daily news/ blog scans about everything environment and Greenpeace related, I often read comments from people who think we're just a bunch of disorganised, unwashed, unemployed, uninformed hippies. If you think that, or hear...

We need to set the world on fire, and toast politicians' buns: Blog Action Day

Blog entry by brianfit | 15 October, 2009 5 comments

Trafigura: Why did Greenpeace have to stop their poisoned ship? Why did Twitter have to stop their censorship? Because Governments failed to do their job. Why are we, with less than 53 days to go to the Copenhagen Climate summit...

The Tale of Peter Radwaste

Blog entry by Justin | 15 October, 2009 5 comments

In an exclusive for Nuclear Reaction, we are proud to present an excerpt from a recently discovered and previously unknown Beatrix Potter manuscript. It’s the sequel to her famous tale about Peter Rabbit. Once upon a time there were...

Nuclear News: French Nuclear Materials Stored In Siberian Carparks

Blog entry by Justin | 15 October, 2009

Today's big stories from the nuclear industry: Nuclear Materials Stored In Siberian Carparks ’A French documentary has revealed that radioactive materials from nuclear power plants are being stored in containers in a Siberian car...

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