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The end to an intense three days

Blog entry by Lisa | 10 July, 2009 1 comment

All our activists are safely down from the smokestacks and coal conveyor belts now. Here's a final entry from Julien - our trusty climate campaigner/ blogger. Here at the top of Brindisi coal-fired power plant, we're gathering our...

4 million dollars of CO2 saved!

Blog entry by Lisa | 10 July, 2009

Update written last night from on top of chimney in Brindisi, by Julien. I'm writing from the top of the chimney stack at Brindisi coal-fired power station, which we have been occupying for more than 41 hours now. We've been up here...

Russian Communists demand return to the 1980s

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 10 July, 2009

At least, that might be the explanation for this news that just reached my inbox. "Russian communists launched a campaign against CFL's! Traditionally incandescent lamps called in Russia "Ilich-bulbs" in honor of Vladimir Ilich...

G8 climate action updates

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 10 July, 2009

We're at the G8 and taking action against coal - the world's worst climate polluter - across Italy. Follow it all here...

Action Barbie

Blog entry by brianfit | 10 July, 2009 1 comment

What an insane day it was. Avaaz members strip in Rome . Greenpeace occupies four of the biggest polluting coal plants in Italy and puts Obama's face on Mt. Rushmore. Oxfam puts on crazy big heads . WWF pokes fun at the G8...

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