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The Telegraph: Warning signs on nuclear power

Blog entry by Justin | 22 July, 2009

Here’s a nice little round up of the state of the nuclear industry from the UK’s Daily Telegraph… Is the long-awaited "nuclear renaissance" starting to run out of steam even before it has got under way? It is too early to be sure,...

Nuclear News: Israeli Nuclear Waste 'Leads to Palestinian Cancer'

Blog entry by Justin | 22 July, 2009

Today's big stories from the nuclear industry: The Media Line: Israeli Nuclear Waste 'Leads to Palestinian Cancer' ’Radiation from Israel's nuclear facility in Dimona is being buried in Palestinian territory and causing an...

Hans Island

Blog entry by Juliette | 22 July, 2009 2 comments

As the Arctic Sunrise made its way down from Petermann glacier to the Kane Bassin, it passed a very small island that gets a lot more attention than it should - Hans Island . If it was located anywhere else, it would be just what...

Captain's Blog: Petermann Glacier

Blog entry by Pete Willcox | 22 July, 2009 2 comments

There is never a bad time to go out for a walk on the deck and enjoy the scenery. Because the sun is always up, there are some times that are better than others. And speaking of time, longitude up here in the Arctic, it ain't what it...

Do your part to prevent the pandemic

Blog entry by Justin | 21 July, 2009

It began in Finland where the first case was discovered. It took hold slowly but is causing widespread concern among the public and scientists despite government assurances. It spread to France and is causing the same alarm there. Both...

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