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Nuclear News: Steps towards a nuclear-free world

Blog entry by Justin | 22 September, 2009

Today's big stories from the nuclear industry: Steps towards a nuclear-free world ‘A new report by the Climate Group claims 1.4% of global economic output, or an annual $1tn, is needed until 2050 to deliver the technology needed...

Not Stupid: Global Warming film premier

Blog entry by brianfit | 22 September, 2009

It's a film premier that spans six continents in 45 countries, 550 screens, one of the largest documentary film premiers in history -- a fitting tribute to its subject: the greatest threat our planet has ever faced. The...

Your voice is making a difference

Blog entry by Lisa | 22 September, 2009 5 comments

Check out the Grist review of the 'Global Wake Up Call' events across the world: -- includes a great slide show and video of Gordon Brown agreeing to go to Copenhagen! World leaders are listening. Over the last few days the Dutch...

The Human Countdown - from the inside

Blog entry by Lisa | 21 September, 2009

Yesterday, Constance and Ursula took part in a magnificent piece of aerial art in Central Park. >> Take action: Ask world leaders to attend the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen htis year and ensure a good deal to save...

The Nuclear Insanity Strikes Back

Blog entry by Justin | 21 September, 2009

We haven’t mentioned it for a little while but we’re still working on our comedy show set in the nuclear industry. The only worry we have about it is that some of the storylines we have planned, despite being true stories, will be...

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