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Greenpeace pees all over the IT sector!

Blog entry by laurak | 3 June, 2009

Blogger Jay Yarrow, from the Business Insider Green Sheet , described the launch of the Cool IT Challenge with the following sentence: "Greenpeace pees all over the IT sector today , saying companies aren't doing their part to save...

Forests could go the way of the Dodo?!

Blog entry by Jess | 3 June, 2009

The world’s forests harbour more biodiversity and store more carbon than almost any other global terrestrial ecosystem. They house around two-thirds of the world's land-based species of plants and animals and they also help keep the...

Nothing to worry about on AREVA’s blog

Blog entry by Justin | 2 June, 2009

There’s a nice little attempt at saving face on French nuclear company AREVA’s North American blog in response to an article in the New York Times . The NYT piece expresses scepticism about AREVA’s ability to spearhead a nuclear...

Nuclear News: A summer without Plutonium-239

Blog entry by Justin | 2 June, 2009

Today's big stories from the nuclear industry: Russia Today: A summer without Plutonium-239 ’On the last night of Spring 2009, Russia stopped producing Plutonium-239, the fuel used in nuclear weapons. The only thing that can...

EU Emissions drop

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 2 June, 2009

Via EU Observer I learn that "Greenhouse gas emissions in the EU fell by 1.2 percent – or the equivalent of 59 million tonnes of CO2 – between 2006 and 2007, but a number of member states are still lagging behind the targets set by...

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