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Slovakia’s Mochovce public consultation: more questions than answers

Blog entry by Justin | 22 September, 2009 1 comment

Remember last week and the nuclear industry plot in Slovakia to manipulate the public consultations on the Environmental Impact Assessment for the Mochovce reactor (‘Reach the lowest possible media & public attention’ and ‘Prevent...

Nuclear News: Steps towards a nuclear-free world

Blog entry by Justin | 22 September, 2009

Today's big stories from the nuclear industry: Steps towards a nuclear-free world ‘A new report by the Climate Group claims 1.4% of global economic output, or an annual $1tn, is needed until 2050 to deliver the technology needed...

Not Stupid: Global Warming film premier

Blog entry by brianfit | 22 September, 2009

It's a film premier that spans six continents in 45 countries, 550 screens, one of the largest documentary film premiers in history -- a fitting tribute to its subject: the greatest threat our planet has ever faced. The...

Your voice is making a difference

Blog entry by Lisa | 22 September, 2009 5 comments

Check out the Grist review of the 'Global Wake Up Call' events across the world: -- includes a great slide show and video of Gordon Brown agreeing to go to Copenhagen! World leaders are listening. Over the last few days the Dutch...

The Human Countdown - from the inside

Blog entry by Lisa | 21 September, 2009

Yesterday, Constance and Ursula took part in a magnificent piece of aerial art in Central Park. >> Take action: Ask world leaders to attend the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen htis year and ensure a good deal to save...

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