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Saving our oceans: officer on deck talks about solutions to overfishing

Blog entry by Inge Wallage | 3 September, 2009

The Rainbow Warrior, one of the icons of Greenpeace, is in action in the Mediterranean Sea for three months. My day job is Communications Director at our International office in Amsterdam, but I’ve been lucky enough to join up with the...

Why outlawing wasteful lightbulbs matters

Blog entry by eoin | 2 September, 2009 7 comments

So yesterday the EU pulled the plug on inefficient household lighting. The phase-out will be complete by 2012, when only energy saving lightbulbs will be made or imported into Europe for household use. Almost anyone can tell you ...

Ask Intel about climate leadership

Blog entry by tom | 1 September, 2009

Well ask the BBC to ask Intel's CEO about climate leadership - he's being interviewed this week on the BBC and they are soliciting for questions . Here's mine: As Intel stands to profit from IT solutions to reduce carbon emissions...

FAD Watch (and its not about trendy fashion)

Blog entry by Lisa | 1 September, 2009 1 comment

They have only been out on the high seas for a couple of days and already they are taking action to defend the great fish of the Pacific. Here's the latest from Mary Ann, on the Esperanza. We arrived a few days ago in the High Seas...

AREVA takes ass-kicking from own nuclear reactor

Blog entry by laurak | 1 September, 2009 10 comments

A guest blog by Aslihan Tumer, Nuclear Campaigner at Greenpeace International I've got a nuclear energy riddle for you: What is dangerous, costs 5.5 billion euros, and may end in bankruptcy? The answer: French nuclear giant AREVA...

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