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Heal the world with an Energy Revolution!

Blog entry by Lisa | 27 July, 2009

Oscar, our celebrity stalker, was in Austria recently at a nuclear power station that's gone green. He writes: On Friday night. I was at Zwentendorf, a small town in lower Austria, more precisely in a nuclear power station built in...

Shawn-Patrick Stensil: Put a stake in nuclear vampire

Blog entry by Justin | 27 July, 2009

The nuclear industry's much-vaunted "renaissance" is playing out like a bad vampire flick. Every time it tries to crawl out of the grave it dug with earlier cost over-runs and the Chernobyl disaster, nuclear gets staked through the...

Nuclear News: Save Amazon With Nuke Waste, Says James Lovelock

Blog entry by Justin | 27 July, 2009 1 comment

Today's big stories from the nuclear industry: Eco Worldly: Save Amazon With Nuke Waste, Says Environmentalist ’James Lovelock - - who is one of the leading environmentalists on the planet has made a startling proposal: that the...

Rhys Darby's Global Warning

Blog entry by laurak | 27 July, 2009

Maybe you've spent some time thinking about the contribution you could make to stopping climate change. Changing energy providers? Actually getting the bike out of the garage and riding it to work - instead of thinking about doing it? ...

Agriculture activists arrested in India

Blog entry by Lisa | 27 July, 2009 1 comment

Today activists in India were arrested while demonstrating outside the Indian Parliament during the passing of the Finance bill in Loksabha. The demonstration was to remind the Finance Minister that proposed fertiliser subsidies will...

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