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There’s only one way to cure radiation sickness

Blog entry by Aslihan | 11 September, 2009

Is this a crack opening in the nuclear industry’s usually watertight public relations strategy? People who live and work within ten miles of the Cook and Palisades Nuclear Power plants in southwest Michigan are to be given potassium...

Illegal genetically modified organisms found in Germany

Feature story | 11 September, 2009 at 0:00

Residents of Germany, (and the rest of you Europeans) watch your breakfast! We've just learned there's a secret genetically-engineered ingredient in some of your food that shouldn't be there.

Nuclear News: Areva Pressures Finland's TVO About Troubled Nuclear Power Plant

Blog entry by Aslihan | 10 September, 2009

Today's big stories from the nuclear industry: Areva Pressures Finland's TVO About Troubled Nuclear Power Plant French company Areva SA (Paris, France) has told the Finnish nuclear power company Teollisuuden Voima Oy (TVO)...

Species We're Killing This Week

Blog entry by Sasha | 10 September, 2009 2 comments

Alright, alright, so we've all heard about the polar bears. But now it seems their cousins to the south, the grizzlies and black bears, are also under serious threat. In August, millions of sockeye salmon failed to return to...

Japan’s plutonium: some fun facts

Blog entry by Justin | 9 September, 2009

At the end of last year Japan owned 31.8 tons of fissile plutonium . Apparently 6.6 tons of that is actually in Japan while the rest is held abroad under terms of various nuclear waste reprocessing deals. That’s a lot of fissile...

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