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Battling Climate Change from the Pacific

Blog entry by Juliette | 13 July, 2009 3 comments

Seni, from our Pacific team, sends this blog entry from the Esperanza. The Espy is currently on tour in the Cook Islands to document climate impacts. I left Pukapuka yesterday with a tinge of sadness, fond memories and a personal...

Quote of the day

Blog entry by Justin | 10 July, 2009

‘If Greenpeace had said at the start that after four years of construction it’s going to be three and a half years late and 60% over budget everybody would have laughed at them.’ (Steve Thomas, Professor of Energy Policy at Greenwich...

Double trouble for Vattenfall

Blog entry by Justin | 10 July, 2009

Meet Swedish energy giant Vattenfall. The nuclear industry attracts serial incompetents like a big, ugly and dirty cake attracts big, stupid flies. And they don’t come much bigger and stupider than Vattenfall. This week has seen big...

Nuclear News: EDF wants power prices hike to fund debt

Blog entry by Justin | 10 July, 2009

Today's big stories from the nuclear industry: The Peninsula Online: EDF presses govt to hike power price PARIS: Tension is shaping up over pressure from EDF, the world’s biggest nuclear power producer, for a price leap for...

The end to an intense three days

Blog entry by Lisa | 10 July, 2009 1 comment

All our activists are safely down from the smokestacks and coal conveyor belts now. Here's a final entry from Julien - our trusty climate campaigner/ blogger. Here at the top of Brindisi coal-fired power plant, we're gathering our...

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