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MasterMike - a Greenpeace Captain's blog

Blog entry by Lisa | 20 August, 2006

© Vickers Please let me introduce the crew member formerly known as Mike Mate and his fabulous new blog "MasterMike" . Mike has just left Malta on the Rainbow Warrior and although he has sailed with Greenpeace many times as First...

Interview with the GE Crop Circle Makers

Blog entry by Dave | 17 August, 2006 3 comments

© Greenpeace / Gustavo Graf Mexico — Some pals of mine from the fortean world have been making crop circles for our GE campaign. In this interview, John Lundberg - who is a professional cropcircle maker - (who knew there was...


Blog entry by eoin | 17 August, 2006

I'm Eoin, which is Irish and sounds like "Owen". [UPDATED March 2009] My wife and I just had a baby boy last November! ...But I suppose I should stick to writing about myself and how I got here. Here' goes: My mum's an...

Fisheries fraud on a massive scale

Blog entry by Andrew | 16 August, 2006

Apparently, the Japanese tuna industry has been cheating the system for years - catching well over their scientifically determined quota and pushing the southern bluefin dangerously low levels to dangerously. From the Sydney Morning...

Sudoku, giant squid, seamounts and railway stations

Blog entry by nick | 13 August, 2006 2 comments

Seadoku is a little experiment we're trying down here in New Zealand but it may take the world by storm. Here's the thing. Later this year the United Nations will meet to discuss the fate of deep sea life in international waters. For...

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