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Iceland harpoons deep-sea protection

Feature story | 23 November, 2006 at 0:00

The proposed moratorium on high-seas bottom trawling was harpooned today at the UN, as Iceland put the interests of their fishing fleets above other countries and scientific advice (sound familiar?). Even Canada and Spain gave in to common sense...

Late night coffee while the UN negotiates about bottom trawling

Blog entry by Lisa | 22 November, 2006

As I look above me I can see parts of the coral reef hanging over my head. Sponges, encrusting seaweeds, sea anemones and more coral surrounds me. Dolphins hover close by... motionless. To the right of me people are watching the...

Australia to go nuclear?

Blog entry by Richard | 22 November, 2006 7 comments

After five months of deliberation, the handpicked government committee looking into the feasibility of nuclear energy for Australia has released its report. Not surprisingly, it gives nuclear the thumbs up, with a catch. Nuclear power...

Radiohead: Save them Fish!!

Blog entry by brianfit | 21 November, 2006 4 comments

I'm a bigtime Radiohead fan. But then I'm an easy mark for any musicians that can master an instrument that less than a hundred people worldwide can play and turn the lyric "I'm a Creep" into an anthem. Here's a recent notice of...

Oasis, Defn : A quiet place where there's nothing worth listening to

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 21 November, 2006

Back when I promoted a nightclub one of my DJs said to me 'The Problem with Oasis is that they never know how to finish a song', and it's true, they don't, they all drone on and on forever getting steadily more annoying. Kind of like...

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