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Even some Canadians blame Canada

Blog entry by Andrew | 8 November, 2006

Here is a great editorial by, Averill Baker, who describes herself as a "live and die" Newfoundlander. It's clear she is genuinely (and rightly) flabbergasted by her government's position on bottom trawling. It starts off: Not...

BBC Earth Report goes rock bottom ... literally

Blog entry by Adele | 8 November, 2006

BBC's Earth Report has prepared a piece revealing that there are corals in the cold deep ocean. No surprise to us anti-bottom-trawling afficionados of course, but probably most people imagine a sandy, rocky, barren moonscape down...

The Climate Kiosk

Blog entry by Agnes de Rooij | 8 November, 2006

Hi all, Just a short update from a still very rainy Nairobi (can not seem to escape the Dutch autumn!). Hopefully next year's conference is in Bali ;-) The SolarGen students have set up their (already very popular!) exhibition stand...

Czech Ministry of Environment protects the polluters - not the climate!

Blog entry by Dave | 7 November, 2006 1 comment

© Greenpeace/Vaclav Vasku From the global day (or was it week?) of action on climate change - activists block the entrance of the Czech Ministry of Environment with a wooden barrier carrying the messages 'canceled for inactivity' ,...

October 2006: The Month in Pictures

Blog entry by Dave | 7 November, 2006

Copyright Greenpeace/Alex Hofford Above, 24 October 2006; Dawn breaks over the Pacific Ocean, seen from Korean longliner, Shin Yung 51. Crew from the Esperanza spent the night aboard and witnessed the longliner in action. See more...

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