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Breathing Oceans

Blog entry by Dave | 1 November, 2006

Every second breath you take comes from the oceans: Breathing Oceans »

How the truth comes out about Expo expulsion...

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 1 November, 2006

An illuminating set of comments in a previous thread here on Greenpeace's expulsion from Mac World pits three first-person accounts against the widely- distributed news that the "Real reason Greenpeace got kicked out" of MacExpo...

Reflections on Green my Apple at MacExpo

Blog entry by tom | 1 November, 2006

After catching up on some sleep and digesting the reaction and comments online back in the office here's a look back on what I learned from our first venture in taking the Green my Apple message in to the real world and face to face...

The Simpsons' Carl "Karl" Carlsson is Icelandic?

Blog entry by Adele | 31 October, 2006

In even more from the slightly-irrelevant-Iceland-whaling news desk, the Iceland Review has excitedly revealed the shocking news that Homer Simpson's supervisor in Sector 7G of the Springfield Nuclear Powerplant is actually Icelandic...

Icelandic humour: You have to eat this yourselves, every last gram.

Blog entry by Adele | 31 October, 2006

Over the weekend I was randomly and socially checking my email ...ok ok I was working... but then so was my Campaign Director, Mads, as was evidenced by a particularly amusing email in my inbox. Our Nordic Oceans Campaigner Frode...

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