The Great Barrier Reef is Changing... Take Another Look

Greenpeace India: The price of dissent

In less than a month, Greenpeace India is in danger of closing. Over the last year, we have born the brunt of repeated attacks. In June 2014, all funds coming from Greenpeace's international office were frozen. Read more

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Blog entry by Agnes de Rooij | 14 November, 2006

CHAOS AS A COMMON PLACE Greenhope reminded us last Wednesday about the drought in Australia, which has resulted in, among other things, a dramatic scarcity of water and "heaps of dangerous snakes coming out looking for food." It could...

Joining a Demo in Nairobi and meeting the president of the Conference!

Blog entry by Agnes de Rooij | 14 November, 2006

After a few more quiet days, SolarGen has been very busy the last few days, and is also getting ready preparing the activities for the high- level segment next week, that is when all the ministers arrive. On Friday 2 reps from...

Steve's blog

Blog entry by Agnes de Rooij | 14 November, 2006

Hi! just to let you know what Steve Sawyer, our head of the Greenpeace delegation is up to, I'd like to share one of his updates with you! Dear folks, After a difficult all around start in logistical terms, and the inevitable delays...

1st Day in COP/MOP as SolarGen member!

Blog entry by Su | 14 November, 2006

It is my first time for attending the COP12 and COP/MOP2. Waked up about 5 o'clock in the morning and cannot fell asleep again, maybe I was too excited or maybe just not adapted to the time difference. It is also my first time to be...

Greenpeace Response to Kimberly-Clark Claims

Feature story | 14 November, 2006 at 10:57

Kimberly-Clark is, unfortunately, a company that puts more effort into making their environmental record 'sound' good and green than it does into actually improving their business practices and making the manufacture of their disposable tissue...

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