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July 2006: The Month in Photographs

Blog entry by Dave | 2 August, 2006

Check out this roundup of photographs from last month's worldwide activities »

Rainbow Warrior to help Medecins Sans Frontieres mission

Blog entry by Dave | 2 August, 2006 1 comment

Our colleagues on board our ship, the Rainbow Warrior , are currently working with Medecins Sans Frontieres to get urgent medical supplies into Lebanon. According to MSF: "To date it has been very difficult to move large volumes...

Save the bacteria!

Blog entry by Andrew | 1 August, 2006

From Independent Online (IOL) : The oceans are teeming with 10 to 100 more types of bacteria than previously believed, many of them unknown, according to a study released on Monday that has jolted scientists' understanding of...

The trawl's in your court New Zealand

Blog entry by nick | 1 August, 2006

Over the past weekend, Greenpeace activists in New Zealand locked down a high seas bottom trawler stopping it leaving the New Zealand port of Nelson. [ Watch the TV footage here ] Two activists climbed the mast and made themselves...

Clean up party

Blog entry by Andrew | 28 July, 2006

We had a bit of a late spring-cleaning in the office today. It is amazing what you find lying around: Calendars from 2004, the name badge of someone who left years ago… That's Mike in the photo. You might remember him most...

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