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Pirates of the Caribbean: Real pirates are scary

Blog entry by Andrew | 11 July, 2006 1 comment

I'm pretty excited about the new Pirates of the Caribbean. It doesn't open here in Amsterdam for a few more days, but it's already got me thinking about the different types of pirates. See, you've got your swashbuckling, maiden...

UK Power Struggle

Blog entry by Lisa | 7 July, 2006 2 comments

Nuclear is getting a lot of bad press lately in the UK. The Conservative party is insisting that nuclear power should be a last resort and an expert has advised an immediate shut down of UK reactors after a report was leaked...

Ban the bulb

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 6 July, 2006 1 comment

I've been reading about light bulbs. 90% of the energy that goes to a lightbulb gets lost in heat. According to Amory Lovins , the average US home runs 30 lightbulbs five hours a day, and if all American homes replaced just 3 of...

Whale watchers watch whale harpooning

Blog entry by brianfit | 5 July, 2006 3 comments

"This really isn't what we came to see" was the reaction of Leontien Dieleman, a Dutch tourist who witnessed a whale killing on a Norwegian whale watch cruise. The Captain of the whaling ship told reporters he "did not expect the...

Whale reprieve from military sonar

Blog entry by Andrew | 4 July, 2006 2 comments

A US judge has temporarily put a stop to US Navy plans to use high powered military sonar during planned multinational war games near Hawaii. From the Honolulu Advertiser : A California federal judge yesterday blocked the use of...

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