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GE cotton killed sheep in India?

Blog entry by Dave | 13 June, 2006

This report just in via Indymedia: There is yet another controversy linked to the genetically modified Bt cotton plant and this time it is the alarming reports of sheep and goat taking ill, even dying after grazing on leftover Bt...

Air Travel and carbon dioxide emissions in the news!

Blog entry by Dave | 13 June, 2006

When a jet flies round-trip from Los Angeles to New York, it leaves behind an estimated 1,600 pounds of carbon dioxide in the skies — and that's per passenger. Consider electronics giant Hewlett-Packard Co. It figures its business...

Deep Sea Corals in the US of A!

Blog entry by Dave | 13 June, 2006

And as we know, bottom trawling is the #1 threat! MCBI scientists Lance Morgan, Fan Tsao, and John Guinotte released the first report documenting where deep sea corals are found in US waters, the activities that threaten these...

The Esperanza and the Rainbow Warrior

Blog entry by Dave | 9 June, 2006

From Elaine on the Esperanza: "It's 5.40 am GST and if you are fast enough you might be able to catch a pretty special moment. We're meeting up with the Rainbow Warrior on its transit accross the Mediterranean." Meeting the Warrior...

Nukes out of Nato! Protest in Brussels

Blog entry by Dave | 9 June, 2006

© Philip Reynaers Greenpeace activists enter the NATO site in Brussels, Belgium, and hold a banner reading "Nukes out of NATO" on the organisation’s symbol statue. 8 June 200,: Brussels, Belgium — Twenty-four Greenpeace...

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