Management structure

Background - 6 August, 2013

The International Executive Director (IED) is responsible for day-to-day management of Greenpeace International, and manages the International Executive Team.

The International Executive Team comprises of the International Executive Director, the International Programme Director (IPD) and the International Organisation Director (IOD).

The International Programme Director is in charge of the campaign areas: C&E (Climate & Energy), Oceans, Forests, Food for Life, Polar & Toxics.

The Director of Programme Functions is in charge of the Actions, Science, Political & Business, Ships, Research and Legal units.

The Global Engagement Director manages the Communication Director and the Fundraising Director.

The Communications Director is in charge of campaign communications, mobilisation & digital networking, communications output and media & images.

The Fundraising Director is in charge of fundraising.

The Global Engagement Director, the Resource Planner and the Director of Programme Functions report to the Programme Director and IED.

The International Organisational Director is in charge of Global Development, IT, Finance, HR, the OM transition, Security, Internal Auditing and Planning Reporting.

The Global Development Director is in charge of organisation development of national & regional organisations and global HR and training.

The Human Resources Director is in charge of Global HR & Training, Human resources and Facilities & Procurement.