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NZ demands end to illegal Japanese whaling

Press release | January 17, 2000 at 0:00

Greenpeace today welcomed New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clarke’s condemnation of illegal Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary. The Prime Minister has ordered her Foreign Minister to make a high level diplomatic protest to his...

Activists dragged up stern ramp of Japanese whaling ship

Press release | January 13, 2000 at 0:00

Late last night (NZ time) two Greenpeace activists in an inflatable boat were dragged half way up the stern ramp of a Japanese whaling ship after they attached their boat to a tow-line being used to transfer a harpooned Minke whale from a catcher...

1990's the hottest decade of the millenium

Press release | January 10, 2000 at 0:00

The 1990’s was the hottest decade of the millenium according to research by Phil Jones of the University of East Anglia, UK. The research is based on analysis of tree rings, ice cores, corals and historical records. Meanwhile, 1999 was New...

Greenpeace report shows that solar power can be viable: Challenges BP Amoco to make...

Press release | December 29, 1999 at 0:00

The BP New Zealand announcement that it is setting up a solar petrol station in South Auckland, saving 20 tonnes of the climate destroying greenhouse gas carbon dioxide flies in the face of the $12 billion US dollars BP Amoco spent on new oil...

Greenpeace vessel rammed by illegal whalers

Press release | December 22, 1999 at 0:00

Late last night the Japanese whaling vessel Nisshin - maru rammed the Greenpeace ship MV Arctic Sunrise while making an illegal overtaking manoeuvre in the remote Southern Ocean around Antarctica.

Activist jumps into freezing Antarctic waters to disrupt illegal whaling

Press release | December 21, 1999 at 0:00

Last night a Greenpeace activist jumped from an inflatable boat into the icy waters of the Antarctic today in a bid to stop the transfer of a harpooned Minke whale from a Japanese catcher ship to the fleets’ factory ship for butchering.

Activists block illegal whale hunt in Antarctica, Southern Ocean

Press release | December 20, 1999 at 0:00

Greenpeace activists today used inflatable boats to interfere with a Japanese whaling fleet illegally hunting for Minke whales inside the internationally recognised whale sanctuary that surrounds Antarctica.

National Government - Fossil of the Decade Award

Press release | November 24, 1999 at 0:00

Greenpeace today presented Mrs Shipley with the Fossil of the Decade Award at Manurewa shopping centre in Auckland.

Time to decide – one way street to genetic pollution?

Press release | November 23, 1999 at 0:00

Environment and health groups joined forces today with the organic agriculture industry, to alert the electorate to the implications of the approaching General Election for our agriculture and food industry. Representatives of the groups are...

Environment policy statement on climate change shows the government doesn’t keep its...

Press release | November 19, 1999 at 0:00

The government’s environment policy statement today on climate change is just more hot air. Only yesterday the government announced it would delay a decision on climate change policy, yet today Mrs Shipley stated that climate change is the...

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