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Greenpeace joins international day of action against Mobil

Press release | July 12, 2001 at 0:00

Greenpeace is undertaking a rolling protest at South Auckland Mobil service stations as part of the international day of action.

Government moratorium must include field trials - preserving options means a GE free...

Press release | July 9, 2001 at 0:00

Greenpeace today called for field trials to be included in any moratorium, while supporting the cautious approach outlined by the Prime Minister regarding NZ’s policy on genetic engineering.

Government donates to global fund - Don't forget to clean up at home Marian!

Press release | July 5, 2001 at 0:00

Greenpeace congratulates the New Zealand Government for donating funds to the United Nations programme to eliminate deadly chemicals, but reminded Hon. Marian Hobbs that dioxins are still legally being pumped into the New Zealand environment...

Turning up the heat on Mobil - global warming villian No. 1

Press release | June 29, 2001 at 0:00

Greenpeace activists on the streets are drawing attention to Mobil's (1) regressive attitude towards the greatest environmental threat the planet faces, global warming.

New Zealand constructive in climate talks

Press release | June 29, 2001 at 0:00

Greenpeace, attending the climate talks in the Hague over the past two days, said that generally New Zealand had taken a constructive role.

NZ dairy foods go GE free!!

Press release | June 14, 2001 at 0:00

Greenpeace today welcomed a statement from New Zealand Dairy Foods that outlined “a policy of ensuring that its products do not contain genetically modified ingredients”.

Greenpeace sandbags Mobil - No. 1 global warming villain

Press release | June 12, 2001 at 0:00

Greenpeace New Zealand today sandbagged Mobil HQ in Lambton Quay, Wellington, and called on Mobil to stop undermining the Kyoto Protocol.

Action: Tegel don't be chicken - say NO to GE !

Press release | May 29, 2001 at 0:00

Tegel Foods NZ currently uses genetically engineered Soya in their animal feed. As a result of our GE Free NZ campaign KFC has recently made a commitment to go GE free but it can only do this if Tegel makes a commitment to stop using GE Soya meal...

Government signs treaty - now outlaw dioxins

Press release | May 23, 2001 at 0:00

Greenpeace congratulates the Government on their commitment to sign the Stockholm Convention. The Convention requires nations to take action to eliminate the 12 dangerous chemicals known as the dirty dozen. Greenpeace now calls for real action to...

Activists dump on Bush's energy scam

Press release | May 18, 2001 at 0:00

Greenpeace activists dumped five tons of coal and five oil and nuclear waste drums outside the Vice President Cheney's residence at the Naval Observatory in Washington today to protest the Bush/Cheney Energy Plan.

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