Greenpeace, with several hapū of Ngāruahine, will be in the Court of Appeal in Wellington tomorrow at 10am to challenge the awarding of consent for hydrogen expansion of synthetic nitrogen fertiliser production at the Kāpuni factory in Taranaki. 

Parties to the appeal brought by Greenpeace are hapū of Ōkahu-Inuāwai me ētehi atu hapū, Ngāti Tū, Ngāti Tamāhuroa-Titahi, Ngāti Haua and Kanihi Umutahi me ētehi atu hapū.

John Hooker, Ōkahu-Inuawai me ētehi atu Hapū Chair says “The project, if it goes ahead, will have a significant negative impact on our relationship with our whenua, Awa and with our Maunga.”

“The consent approval has shown disrespect to any Treaty Principles. For decades, our people have fought to exert their kaitiakitanga and tikanga to safeguard our maunga, awa, whenua and moana so that the next generation don’t have to. When does it stop?”

Greenpeace Head of Campaigns Amanda Larsson says, “We oppose the project for its inconsistency with Te Tiriti O Waitangi, and Greenpeace is challenging the failure of the consenting panel to lock in a fixed timeframe by which Hiringa must switch from making polluting fertiliser to using their hydrogen for transport fuel.”

Read the full submission here.

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