Government should support the expansion of renewable energy and not nuclear

Chennai, 22nd October, 2012 – Greenpeace welcomes the solar policy announced by the Tamil Nadu government. The decision to generate 3000 MW of Solar Energy by 2015 and making the 6% Solar Purchase Obligation (SPO) mandatory for the high tension (HT) users like SEZ’s, large industries, IT parks & telecom towers is an ambitious step. Further the focus on the decentralised generation makes this policy unique and a well thought out one and must set an example for other states to follow.

With this policy the Tamil Nadu government has provided a crucial support to solar when the state is reeling under power deficit. Apart from being clean, solar power plants take much lesser time to become operational and start generating electricity in comparison to coal and nuclear power plants. Solar prices are rapidly falling and are likely to be cost competitive with coal in the next 3 years. Nuclear energy will fail not only in terms of safety concerns, but also on the grounds of economics. Thus, it poses a valid question whether the government should focus on the expansion of coal and nuclear energy or support the expansion of renewable energy.

Tamil Nadu Solar Policy 2012:


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