school children in a school in Noida Photo © Druhi Dasgupta

I wanted to use my past experience and knowledge in a meaningful way and that is the main reason I joined Greenpeace as a Green Warrior volunteer. The knowledge and encouragement rendered at each step by Druhi Dasgupta, the Green Warrior Coordinator, was invaluable. I have participated in several activities and Greenpeace campaigns and I particularly enjoyed a recent activity at Bal Bharati School in Noida.

The four hours I spent there were such a wonderful and amazing experience for me, being with kids and explaining everything about our campaign and the environment was a fun and meaningful experience.

I feel that by taking part in such volunteering activities I am not just spreading important information in society, but I also learn things myself. It also helps a lot in personality development as well.

Initially the students looked bored but when we started speaking and showed them our videos we gained momentum and received a good response from them. We then had a forest model building activity which everybody thoroughly enjoyed.

We asked the students to prepare a forest model with materials we provided. Their ideas and creativity to demonstrate deforestation and pollution from industries was really inspiring. This proved to us that such activities not only spread knowledge but also helps in developing the inherent talent and creativity among students.

There is no doubt I found great satisfaction in being a part of such campaigns. It was an enlightening and highly fulfilling experience for me and I recommend it wholeheartedly! I look forward to being part of more such activities in the future.


Shashwat Srivastava is Green Warrior volunteer with Greenpeace India.

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