Brikesh's familyMy caricature, my family and the artist Harish.

Day 16

It was one of the busiest day after 1st of September when I climbed up this tree. Around 170 people from schools, colleges, NGO’s, came to visit me.Among them was an artist and with his students he made a few caricatures and paintings for Junglistan.

The most important visitors was my family (mom, dad, brother and sister-in-law). My mom was asked by the crowd about how she feels about her son living on a tree for a month. When she spoke she came out notches higher in inspiring the audience.

FrogDay 17

After the hustle bustle of the previous day, this day was fairly quite. Spotting small creatures is still a big deal for us. I don’t know how we will react when we finally see something big.

Day 18

Junglistan Nivas has become the latest ‘hang-out’ for the children from the near by village. The swing made under the tree house is a big draw for the local kinds who walk a minimum 2 kms to come and have a good time.

Children have a good time

Around 70 junior college students landed up in the morning to find out how coal mining is destroying the tiger habitat. We had a long discussion and where I explained what all coal mining can possibly destroy.

Time’s moving really fast in the forests and October’s almost here. Sign the petition if you haven’t already.

I’ll leave you with a fun picture.This photo was taken by a 10 year old Rohit from Bhatadi village.

Children from the nearby village


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All images have been taken by Brikesh Singh.


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