Foot spa, free of cost in Junglistan

How many of you have paid thousands to get this treatment done in spas? Well I have always been curious about these treatments. But I the idea finding it out in a spa, was not too appealing.

Here in Junglistan, this is one of the many luxuries you can get free of cost. In the afternoon, sometimes when I get bored I just go and stand in the shallow stream where hundreds of fish feast on the dead skin of my feet.  Let me say it again, free of cost.

Countdown Brikesh's tree house

Day 11 at the tree house and its been a rather quiet day. Started my day with a bucket bath in the river and I needed it badly. For the last 2 days the river water has been very muddy thanks to the constant drizzling. So I could neither shower in the rain nor use the river water but fortunately I woke up to a clear shallow river and had a refreshing bucket bath.

The highlight for the day has been the bamboo shoots subzi. Nine year old Swapnil, who lives in the village nearby, brought it for me.

A week ago I had mentioned in my update that I saw these kids carrying some bamboo shoots home and I asked them if they could get me some of the local bamboo preparation.

The kids kept their promise. Swapnil says he cooked it and I have no option but to believe him.

Swapnil with the bamboo shootRohit (in-front holding the bamboo shoot) and his brother Swapnil (behind).

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All images have been taken by Brikesh Singh. © Brikesh Singh / Greenpeace.


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